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Magnet Love

Me hugging the 14.1 Tesla superconducting magnet in Spring 2006, before it was charged up.

The Scientist. I’ve spent the last nine years of my life earning my B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry, which I suppose qualifies me as some sort of Actual Scientist. My thesis work had nothing whatsoever to do with food, other than eating food is what kept me alive and nourished enough to accomplish my feats of SCIENCE! My dissertation actually focused on the study of the structure and dynamics of one tiny protein in the influenza A virus, which I studied using GIANT MAGNETS. And when I say GIANT MAGNETS, I mean the size of my 1995 Toyota Corolla giant. If you’d like to learn more about my research, or are in need of a really good nap, I’ve got some journal articles you might enjoy.



sarah dene pie

So young, so innocent, so covered in flour. My first pie crust from scratch, summer 2002.

The Foodie. I do not consider myself a very good food snob, foodie, whatever, seeing as I still can’t bring myself to enjoy stinky cheeses or olives nor am I amenable to paying an outrageous price for something labeled “artisan.” I’m really much more of a food nerd. However, in the last few years I’ve stopped hating (August) tomatoes, (some) salad dressings, green beans and squash, so I consider it an ongoing process. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll like blue cheese by the time I’m 80. What I do like is good food, whether it be from a street vendor in Campustown or the fanciest restaurant in Ames (which in the middle of Iowa you’re talking $30/plate, max, ha). I like making things from scratch and tackling recipes that require a lot of research and planning. Yet I am not afraid to admit to the presence of a giant container of taco seasoning in my spice cabinet. I’ve always been big into baking – it was something it is something I did with my mother growing up, and she has encouraged my sister and me to continue the habit since she gave both of us a copy of The Joy of Cheesecake and a springform pan on our respective 20th birthdays. I finally started learning to cook sometime around my 3rd year of graduate school after many, many years of a fine college-student diet consisting of frozen chicken fingers, fast food, and noodle packets. In the last few years, I have tackled yeasted breads, heat shocked a Pyrex pan in my oven, made pasta from scratch, and made 40-or-so dozen cookies  over the course of a weekend.


The Foodie Scientist. I’ve been casually photographing and writing about my cooking projects for a few years now, but I made a deal with myself that I couldn’t start a Real Food Blog until after defended my doctoral dissertation. That was August 21st, 2009, so here I am! Since this is a new project, I’m sure my ideas about what I want to do with it will change as time wears on. For now, these are some of the goals of the Foodie Scientist:

  • SCIENCE! projects – playing with food while observing The Scientific Method
  • Interesting cooking projects
  • Making things from scratch versus buying ready-made
  • Dinner parties and guest posts from friends
  • Local restaurant reviews

I definitely have no qualifications as a food scientist, and that will definitely not be the focus of this blog. Any opinions on the subject arise purely from my personal research on teh intarwebs, and from no such fancy book learnin’ like my actual degree. And when we talk about “food science” on this blog, it will more often be on subjects such as the filtration and purification of bacon vodka, making gummy worms from sodium alginate or freezing food in liquid nitrogen. You know, SCIENCE!


All of my stuff is licensed under the Creative Commons. Feel free to redistribute, adapt or reuse my recipes  as long as you give me credit and are using it for non-commercial purposes. If you’d like to use my work for commercial purposes, please email me at foodiesci at gmail dot com and I’d love to chat. Thanks.

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